Effectively explore alternatives and positions to reach outcomes that gain the support and acceptance of all parties.

Proficiency Level


  • Question others to gain clarity on their needs and desired outcomes.
  • Keep calm and use assertive, tactful and diplomatic behaviour.
  • Listen carefully to the arguments of the other party.
  • Respond to opposing views in a non-defensive manner.
  • Make sure there is an agreed deadline for resolution.
  • List all the issues which are important to both sides and identify the key issues.
  • Identify any areas of common ground.


  • Clearly communicate own needs and desired outcomes of the discussion.
  • Understand the underlying concerns and needs of the parties involved.
  • Summarise the points of agreement and areas of difference in the positions of the parties involved in the discussion and test the understanding by communicating to parties involved.
  • Know when to compromise to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Modify argument to suit audience.
  • Use a range of approaches and strategies to gain support for ideas.


  • Be a master negotiator.
  • Be sought out by others to mediate prolonged, complex and difficult disputes.
  • Try to achieve a mutually agreeable outcome by offering ideas and possible solutions which take all parties’ needs into consideration.


  • Identify minimal or ideal conditions of others during negotiations.
  • Demonstrate use of a direct and diplomatic style; challenge information to detect discrepancies in reasoning.
  • Show an excellent sense of timing, quickly gain trust and respect of all other parties to the negotiations.
  • Lead the most complex negotiations and demonstrate expert closing skills and excellent political and cultural savvy.