Handle disappointment and/or rejection while maintaining effectiveness. Stay with a position or plan of action until the desirable objective is achieved or is no longer reasonably attainable.

Proficiency Level


  • Pursue objectives with energy and persistence.
  • Set high personal standards for performance.
  • Adapt working methods in order to achieve objectives.
  • Accept ownership of and responsibility for own work.
  • Do not give up at the first obstacle.


  • Measure progress against targets.
  • Acknowledge the work and contribution of others.
  • Make adjustments to activities/processes based on feedback.
  • Seek to understand reasons for obstacles and to find ways to overcome.
  • Maintain performance after disappointment or rejection.
  • Assist others in dealing with disappointment/rejection.


  • Tackle difficult and complex problems and take personal responsibility and accountability for reaching solutions.
  • Remain determined despite frequent obstacles.
  • Maintain enthusiasm of others after disappointment or rejection; bounce back very quickly.
  • Lead others through dealing with disappointment/rejection.
  • Re-engineer or create new processes and systems to get around obstacles.
  • Anticipate problems and proactively design contingency plans.


  • Make decision through weighing up the cost-benefit and risk implications.
  • Stay the course in the face of adversity while ensuring the motivation and commitment of others.
  • Lead the organisation through challenging times.
  • Build organisation-wide support for the cause and appoint champions.
  • Re-engineer or create new strategy to get around obstacles.
  • Proactively scan environment to identify long-term risks and proactively designs contingency plans.