Analytical Thinking

Work systematically and logically to resolve problems, address opportunities, or manage the situation at hand. Analyses the situation; identify the underlying problem; identify causes, relationships and implications; identify opportunities; draw from a range of resources, contexts and experiences; conceptualise solutions; consider alternatives; and implement the most appropriate action.

Proficiency Level


  • Effectively use existing procedures, processes, and tools to identify and solve routine problems.
  • Appropriately apply learned concepts, procedures, or “rules of thumb” to analyse data.
  • Identify the information needed to solve a problem.
  • Recognise a match or mismatch between current data and a known standard.


  • Appropriately derive and organise the essence of information to draw solid conclusions.
  • Effectively resolve problems of a moderately complex nature.
  • Synthesise data from different sources to identify trends.
  • Look beyond symptoms to uncover root causes of problems to be solved.
  • Present problem analysis and a recommended solution rather than just identifying and describing the problem itself.
  • Proactively approach others to obtain missing information.
  • Take action to reconcile discrepancies.


  • Effectively resolve complex problems that require substantial, in-depth analysis.
  • Quickly identify key issues, stakeholders and viewpoints in a complex situation or problem.
  • Find ways to condense large amounts of information into a useful form.
  • Anticipate the consequences of situations and proactively work to overcome potential obstacles.
  • Asks perceptive, probing questions to get to the heart of the matter.


  • Effectively resolve the most difficult and complex problems that require the creation of new, innovative approaches.
  • Analyse and appropriately weigh the pros, cons, opportunities, and risks before deciding on a course of action.
  • Integrate seemingly unrelated information from different sources to identify new approaches that strengthen the long-term position of the organisation.