Creativity & Innovation

Generate creative solutions to work situations. Generate and promotes new ideas and uses them to develop new or improved processes, methods, systems, solutions, products, or services; try different and novel ways to deal with problems and opportunities.

Proficiency Level


  • Generate ideas for own area of responsibility.
  • Try new methods for completing required tasks more efficiently.
  • Contribute ideas in team meetings.


  • Generate ideas beyond own area of responsibility, benefiting the team or department.
  • Question established processes and procedures to find a better way.
  • Help to develop new approaches by building on the ideas of others.
  • Possess good judgement of which ideas and suggestions.


  • Generate ideas for creatively applying existing technology or processes to the benefit of the department/organisation.
  • Continually look for ways to expand the department’s capabilities.
  • Energise others to come up with creative ideas.
  • Facilitate idea generation by creating networking opportunities.
  • Promote the further development and implementation of creative ideas.
  • Assess the impact of institutional/legislative/policy/context changes and determine appropriate tactics to respond.


  • Generate ideas that create breakthrough opportunities and change (not just extensions of the past).
  • Continually examine and challenge the assumptions of organisation policies and strategies.
  • Lead initiatives to promote creativity and innovation throughout the department/organisation.
  • Translate creative ideas into strategies and plans that will succeed in the organisation.
  • Anticipate how institutional/legislative/policy/context changes will affect the organisation and develop strategies to capitalise on these changes.