Media & Platform Management

Drive organisational policies and procedures for the use of the media and develop and implement business media plans while assessing their effectiveness.

Proficiency Level

Level 1 (Follow)


Level 2 (Assist)

  • Develop a good understanding of the marketing communications process and create strong contributions to the development of
    highly effective campaigns.
  • Collect information on types of media and support the implementation of plans and activities for media platforms.
  • Work effectively with internal stakeholders and external creative partners in order to develop highly effective campaigns

Level 3 (Apply)

  • Strong ability to select high quality external creative partners.
  • Capacity to effectively brief partners and manage performance of external agency outputs.
  • Comprehensively review each campaign to assess its marketing and business impacts. Following review, make the required changes in approach to improve overall impacts.
  • Monitor different options for media platforms and propose suitable social media platforms and tools to achieve communication objectives.

Level 4 (Ensure)

  • Manage the creation of media plan frameworks, content, and media platform integration to achieve business strategies.
  • Make the business case for key marketing campaigns as a means of driving sales, growing customer loyalty and building brand equity.

Level 5 (Strategise)

  • ┬áDrive organisational policies and procedures for the use of media, and set guidelines and metrics for audience participation to measure the success of media activities.