Work Management

Establish a course of action for self-and/or others to accomplish a specific goal. Effectively plan, schedule, prioritise and control activities; identify, integrate and orchestrate resources (people, material, information, budget, and/or time) to accomplish goals. Prioritise work according to the organisation’s goals, not just formal position responsibilities; manage own time effectively.

Proficiency Level


  • Set priorities with an appropriate sense of what is most important.
  • Manage time effectively to accomplish what needs to get done.
  • Always know the status of own work.
  • Participate in planning sessions that affect own team.


  • Plan and implement moderately complex activities/projects.
  • Clearly define objectives and translate them into workable activities.
  • Plan with a realistic sense of the time and resource demands involved maintaining awareness of the interrelationships between own and other activities/project.
  • Anticipate potential obstacles and their impact on the accomplishment of goals and timelines.
  • Use time and resources effectively to accomplish desired results.
  • Monitor and track progress to ensure delivery of all planned commitments, and keep the appropriate people informed.


  • Plan and implement complex activities/projects.
  • Maintain a keen awareness of the interrelationships among various components of large-scale activities/projects.
  • Allocate time and resources as required when faced with multiple demands and competing priorities.
  • Consider the financial implications before finalising activity/project plans.
  • Actively monitor costs incurred against budget and make adjustments to plans as necessary.


  • Plan and lead the most complex and difficult activities/projects.
  • Make sound business decisions when faced with complex and contradictory alternatives.
  • Skillfully lead and coordinate the work of multiple, diverse teams; facilitate optimal cooperation among those teams takes quick and decisive action to remove obstacles to overall success.
  • Re-engineer or create new business processes and systems to provide the highest quality services.
  • Regularly review service strategy, identifying ways to provide better services to clients.
  • Build organisation-wide support and champions provision of high-quality service to clients.
  • Take highly visible action to underscore organisations commitment and determination for providing highest quality service to all clients.