Team Work

Work effectively with team/work groups or those outside formal line of authority to accomplish goals. Actively participate as a member of a team; take action that respects the needs and contributions of others; contribute to and accept the consensus, subordinating own needs to those of the team; develop and build cohesive team relations to produce required outputs; possess knowledge and understanding of peer’s work.

Proficiency Level


  • Contribute willingly towards the accomplishment of own and team goals, doing his or her share of the work.
  • Demonstrate respect for the opinions and ideas of others.
  • Not remaining silent or withhold differing opinions in team settings.
  • Willing to accept compromises to progress toward the achievement of group goals.
  • Follow through on commitments made to other team members.
  • Keep people informed and up to date.


  • Solicit the input of team members and encourage their participation.
  • Ensure participation of others who are affected by plans or actions.
  • Put team’s agenda and the good of the whole ahead of personal needs.
  • Find areas of agreements when working with conflicting individuals or groups.
  • Support and act in accordance with final group decisions even if such decisions may not reflect entirely, one’s own opinion.
  • Help others to solve work problems and achieve team objectives.


  • Establish goals for the team that are aligned to the organisation’s strategy and mission.
  • Build support, enthusiasm and energise people to work together for the accomplishment of team goals.
  • Use the agenda and perspectives of others to establish mutually beneficial objectives.
  • Take responsibility for the accomplishment of team goals.
  • Remove obstacles to team success.
  • Give recognition and credit to people who have contributed to team success.
  • Keep the organisation’s overall priorities at the top of own team’s priorities.
  • Take specific steps to keep morale and levels of performance high during times of intense work pressure.


  • Build and expand networks and coalitions, to achieve strategic goals.
  • Network both internally and externally to accomplish goals.
  • Understand implications of outcomes of committees and ensure relevant actions are taken within own department/organisation.
  • Use networks and relations to achieve results and influence strategic outcomes.
  • Defuse high-tension situations, if they arise.
  • Use negotiation to develop mutually agreeable outcomes with people at all levels.