Results Orientation

Stay focused on the efforts necessary to achieve quality results consistent with institutional and departmental goals. Demonstrate the ability to achieve effective results; demonstrate concern for the successful achievement of results; work persistently to overcome obstacles to goal achievement.

Proficiency Level


  • Clarify results/expectations for all work he/she is taking on; go back to manager if there is any lack of clarity about results/expectations.
  • Stay focused on task despite distractions, demonstrating commitment to the successful achievement of challenging goals.
  • Clearly define the expected output and results of all assignments and projects.


  • Put in extra efforts (above what would normally be required) to accomplish a goal.
  • Take on-going, repeated action to overcome obstacles to goal achievement.
  • Look for and identify better, faster, less expensive, or more efficient ways to achieve results.
  • Continuously monitor progress towards goal achievements and act decisively when progress is stalling.
  • Willingly take on difficult assignments.


  • Give advice and guidance to others on how to define their work in terms of results expectations.
  • Reinforce effective behaviours and results in others.
  • Take multiple, different actions to overcome resistance or obstacles.
  • Engage others who can help “turn the tides” towards successful goal achievement.
  • Hold self and others accountable for achieving results.
  • Willingly take on very difficult tasks and assignments.


  • Facilitate progress towards desired results by anticipating potential obstacles and taking steps to avoid or minimise the barriers.
  • Continuously “raise the bar” for increasingly high levels of excellence and success.
  • Willingly take on the most complex and difficult assignments and ensure the successful achievement of expected results.