Infrastructure Support

Provide services to end-users by systematically identifying, classifying and troubleshooting technical issues and incidents that disrupt and impact their day-to-day business activities, within a specified timeframe. This also includes implementing an end-to-end problem management process to analyse underlying problems, advising on infrastructure related upgrades and improvements and developing user guides and training materials.

Proficiency Level

Level 1 (Follow)

  • Follow a fixed set of procedures to execute basic infrastructure administration and support.

Level 2 (Assist)

  • Analyse issues or incidents encountered by users and conduct troubleshooting, and roll out upgrades.

Level 3 (Apply)

  • Diagnose, troubleshoot and provide end-to-end management of infrastructure disruptions or technical issues encountered by users, and plan infrastructure upgrade activities.

Level 4 (Ensure)

  • Develop plans and retain accountability for maximising service quality, speed and availability in infrastructure administration and support activities.

Level 5 (Strategise)