Infrastructure Management (IT Technician)

Knowledge and ability to support the enterprise computing infrastructure (e.g., enterprise servers, client server, storage devices and systems, hardware, and software) in the provision, management, storage, operation, scheduling, support, and maintenance of the infrastructure.

Proficiency Level

Level 1 (Follow)

  • Demonstrate awareness of the platform principles and procedures.
  • Understand need for capacity planning and performance management.
  • Operate the platform at a simple level under supervision.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the standards for the platform.

Level 2 (Assist)

  • Understand the platform technology and concepts.
  • Understand how basic concepts relate to each other and apply them.
  • Understand how the platform integrates with other environments, at a basic level, from an end-user perspective.
  • Operate the platform at a simple level.
  • Troubleshoot basic physical or software problems.
  • Understand and apply the standards.

Level 3 (Apply)


Level 4 (Ensure)


Level 5 (Strategise)