System Integration

Develop and implement a roadmap and specific integration solutions to facilitate integration of various ICT components and optimise interoperability of systems and their interfaces. This includes the integration of various architectural components such as networks, servers, system platforms and their interfaces

Proficiency Level

Level 1 (Follow)


Level 2 (Assist)

  • Perform basic compatibility assessments and integrate selected system components according to plan.
  • Produce software builds from software source code.
  • Conduct tests as defined in an integration test specification and record the details of any failures.
  • Analyse and report on integration test activities and results.
  • Identify and report issues and risks.

Level 3 (Apply)

  • Determine interoperability of system components and develop a system integration plan.
  • Define the software modules needed for an integration build and produce a build definition for each generation of the software.
  • Accept completed software modules, ensuring that they meet defined criteria.
  • Produce software builds from software source code for loading onto target hardware.
  • Configure the hardware and software environment as required by the system being integrated.
  • Produce integration test specifications, conduct tests and record and report on outcomes.
  • Diagnose faults and record and report on the results of tests.
  • Produce system integration reports

Level 4 (Ensure)

  • Design a feasible integration roadmap, monitor system integration outcomes and drive enhancements to integration plans.
  • Provide technical expertise to enable the configuration of software, other system components and equipment for systems testing.
  • Collaborate with technical teams to develop and agree on system integration plans and report on progress.
  • Define complex/new integration build.
  • Ensure that integration test environments are correctly configured.
  • Design, perform and report results of tests of the integration build.
  • Identify and document system integration components for recording in the configuration management system.
  • Recommend and implement improvements to processes and tools

Level 5 (Strategise)

  • Establish an integration strategy and a clear vision for an integrated ICT architectural design.
    Identify, evaluate and manage the adoption of appropriate tools, techniques and processes (including automation and continuous integration) to create a robust integration framework.
  • Lead integration work in line with the agreed system and service design.
  • Monitor and report on the results of each integration and build.
  • Design and build integration components and interfaces.
  • Contribute to the overall design of the service and the definition of criteria for product and component selection.
  • Contribute to development of systems integration policies, standards and tools.
  • Develop organisational policies, standards, and guidelines for systems integration and build.
  • Lead the development of organisational capabilities for systems integration and build, including automation and continuous integration.
  • Provide resources to ensure systems integration and build can operate effectively and ensure adoption and adherence to policies and standards